“The body is a feedback system for the mind.” – Daniel R. Condron

There is no better book that I have read so far that explains, simply and logically, the connection between our thoughts and beliefs and disease or illness.

All attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs, whether good or bad, manifest in the body. Daniel R. Condron in Permanent Healing: Quantum Mechanics of Healing explains how our mental attitudes– or self-destructive thoughts or beliefs – are the cause of our disorders or illnesses and how changing our thoughts eliminates disease.

Condron’s book explains how he overcame asthma as a seven-year-old and how he “thought” his way towards health and great success in life. This brilliant book also includes a substantial glossary of most illnesses or diseases with the explanation of what the mental cause is for a specific illness or condition and how to remedy them by acknowledging and changing what he calls our “mental disorders” or our beliefs and attitudes.

I know this sounds a bit woo woo, but there is something to the mind/body connection. Personally, I have suffered from asthma since I was a child and have recently had another attack that left me unable to breathe fully for over a week. After adhering to Mr. Condron’s advice on why I have asthma and following his recommendations on how to change my thoughts to healthier ones, my asthma has left. I did not seek traditional medical help.

Scientific evidence is becoming more and more abundant these days on the mind/body connection. I highly recommend Permanent Healing to anyone interested in metaphysics, those wanting to alternative ways of healing from disease or ailments, and students of the connection between the mind and the body.

A bit about the author, Daniel R. Condron, D.M., D.D., M.S., and Ps.D.:

Daniel R. Condron

Dr. Daniel R. Condron, a very accomplished individual with an impressive resume, is on the governing board of The School of Metaphysics, is a teacher, educator, philosopher, administrator, writer, composer, agriculturist, ecologist, and more! He has written many other books in addition to Permanent Healing.

To learn more about Daniel R. Condron, visit The School of Metaphysics

Permanent Healing: Quantum Mechanics of Healing by Dr. Daniel R. Condron is available at Amazon or other major book distributors.

Posted by:Vilma Reynoso

Vilma Reynoso, aka Vilms, is a writer, gardening aficionado, and whole-food enthusiast who writes about the human experience, human rights, self-growth, and various subjects. Her passion is to inspire others to live their best lives for a kinder, more compassionate world. To learn more about Vilma, visit her website, www.vilmareynoso.com.

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