Letting Go…

I live in a neighborhood full of deer. I often have to watch out for them as I drive to and fro, so I don’t hit them with my car. In February, in the ice and bitter cold, the mother deer watch their fawns stroll across the street, hoping they are not harmed. It is … Continue reading Letting Go…

The Unexpected Gap

It is autumn. It is a time that signifies the end of something, the beginning of something else, and the “in between.” It is a time when the old life withers and new life eventually emerges. It is a time of change. So many of us are truly afraid of change, but change is something … Continue reading The Unexpected Gap

The Turning Point

It’s funny how memories come to mind. At one moment, we are thinking about one thing and in the next split second, we are taken back to the not-so-wonderful past.  This happened to me yesterday as I was driving. I passed by a familiar restaurant and memories flooded my mind. What is particularly funny is … Continue reading The Turning Point

Strolling to the Sounds of Grief

Today is Thursday, March 07, 2013, and I had the long-awaited pleasure of spending this day all by myself. Today is also the anniversary of my mother’s death. She died thirty two years ago at the young age of 47. So, today, I suppose I am grieving this loss, like I do every year. I … Continue reading Strolling to the Sounds of Grief