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A friend once told me I beat to my own drum. She was surely right.

I believe we all beat to our own drums, and my work is all about helping you find your personal, unique beat! I believe we are on this planet to live creatively, experience life in authentic, full freedom and serve each other. My writing and work reflect this belief.

So, I write. I create. I share.

I coach. I teach. I inspire. Most of all, I learn.Vilma Reynoso

Yeah, the world is a bit of a mess. We live in what seems like times of great uncertainty, and we sometimes do not know what to do to reform our communities, our cities, and our planet.  We struggle with improving our business or personal relationships. We find it difficult to find our place in a world that is constantly changing. Despite all of the above, I believe we have resilient spirits and the capacity to heal and rise above all of our shortcomings. So, it begins with each one of us. It starts with self-care. When we take good care of ourselves first, we transform the world. It begins with discovering how our individual actions create a ripple effect that affects greater society.

Throughout most of my thirty-year, professional career in consulting, management and teaching, I have fallen into the trap of sacrificing my health for work, given to others at the expense of my own needs and watched my dreams fade away.  As a result, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to put an end to the craziness and truly live joyfully. As I grow and evolve, I share the practical tools and resources I use myself in hopes of helping others improve and transform their lives. My purpose and mission is to raise consciousness worldwide by inspiring and facilitating creative transformation in people for a kinder, healthier planet.

I am committed to my mission by offering the following:

I value holistic health.

Ultimate health includes taking care of our minds, our bodies and our emotions. As a certified DreamBuilder Life Coach with the Life Mastery Institute, I offer Creative Wellness Coaching Services to help you thrive holistically and live the life that is right for you. I am also a speaker. In addition, I will be offering live and online classes and workshops, audio recordings and DVDs, and am in the process of writing my second book!

I value veganism.   

I am passionate about the advancement of basic and equal rights for every living being and the conservation of our only planet, and this is why I live vegan. Living vegan has spurred me to obtain certifications in Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell University and Living on Raw Food Chef from Visit my website,, for information on living vegan and for my delicious vegan and raw vegan recipes. My eBook, Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms: 35 Easy, Nutritious and Delicious Recipes for Ultimate Health and Vitality, demonstrates how to make simple changes in your diet to improve your health.

I value education, literacy and communication.

I am a Summa cum Laude graduate from the University of Colorado in English Writing. As an admirer of the written word, I write a diverse blog to share my experience, thoughts and take on life. In this blog, you will find articles about the human experience in addition to my thoughts on everything that interests me, fuels my spirit, inspires me to take action, stimulates my intellect and moves me to change the world. Check it out!

As reader of diverse subjects, I also write a monthly book review of both fiction and nonfiction books I found inspiring, beautiful, educational or life-changing.

In addition, I offer Virtual Assistant Services including freelance writing, blogging, editing and administrative help. If you have a business or nonprofit and share my values, contact me. I would love to partner with you!

I value creativity, art and nature.   

Being creative enhances and transforms our lives. I teach and coach others to use creativity in their healing and transformation as a Creative Wellness Coach.

I believe humans thrive when they create. I share step-by-step instructions on how I make crafts or other fun, creative projects in addition to sharing articles related to the creative process. Check out my creativity page!

Lastly, I live in breathtaking Colorado, one of my favorite places on the planet! Every day, I am inspired by her beauty to think beyond the familiar.

It is my divine pleasure and life purpose to work with you in making this world a kinder, gentler and healthier place.











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