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Vilma Reynoso, Speaker

I believe we are on this planet to live creatively, experience life in full freedom and serve each other. My writing and work reflect this belief.

We live in what seems like times of great fear and uncertainty, and we sometimes don’t know whether we are coming or going. Despite all this, I believe we, as men and woman, have resilient spirits and have the capacity to rise above all of our shortcomings and make our world a kinder and freer place. I am here to encourage others via my writing and through my work in the world. My mission is to inspire and facilitate holistic change in people for a healthier planet.

I enjoy my life as an author and blogger, an organizer and manager, a vegan lifestyle educator and an activist. I love art, nature and health, am an advocate for the oppressed and the environment, am a bit of a feminist, and I am spiritual but not religious. I’ve been through hell and back; have lived in five time zones; enjoy coffee shops and lattes (especially in the Rockies); and can’t live without books, traveling, exploring, animals, nature and music.

As an admirer of the written word, a reader of diverse subjects, and a woman with a plethora of interests, I have created this blog to share my experience, thoughts and take on life. I write about the human experience in addition to my thoughts on everything that interests me, fuels my spirit, inspires me to take action, stimulates my intellect and moves me to change the world! Some of these topics include: art and creativity, psychology, intuition, mind-body relationship, spiritual health, feminism, holistic health, environmentalism, nature, veganism, travel, exercise, politics, religion and more. I also write a monthly book review featuring my favorite books. My hope is to inspire others to think differently about who they are and who they are relative to the world around them.

My primary passions are the advancement of basic and equal rights for every living being and the conservation of our only planet, and this is why I live vegan. Visit my blog,, for articles related to veganism, vegan resources and services, and delicious vegan and raw vegan recipes. My ebook, Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms: 35 Easy, Nutritious and Delicious Recipes for Ultimate Health and Vitality demonstrates how to make simple changes in your diet to improve your health. I also co-organize Denver Vegans Meetup. Join us!

It is my divine pleasure and life purpose to work with you in making this world a kinder and gentler place.

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Vilma Reynoso


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