VIlma Reynoso

Inspiring authentic transformation in people for a kinder, more compassionate world.

meet Vilma

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I believe the best way to live on this planet to live creatively, experience life in full freedom, and serve each other. My work is about inspiring authentic transformation in people to create a kinder, more compassionate world.

Vilma Reynoso, Creative Wellness Coach

Writer | Vegan Lifestyle Educator | Activist

On this website you will find my main, diverse blog. As a person with a plethora of interests, I write as an avenue of expression, curiosity, love of metaphor and philosophy, love of learning, and freedom. Take a peek, and you will find articles on the human experience and many other topics. As an avid reader of many subjects, I also write a monthly book review of both fiction and nonfiction books I find inspiring, educational, or life-changing.

I live vegan for ethical reasons. My other blog, VEGoutwithVilms,exists to encourage and teach others how to a live vegan and how eat healthy, whole, nourishing plant-based cuisine. I share my recipes – some are from childhood that I have recreated into vegan deliciousness. My e-book, Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms: 35 Easy, Nutritious and Delicious Recipes for Ultimate Health and Vitality, demonstrates how to make changes in your life to improve your health.

For Whoever Wants to Know…

I view the myriad of life’s experiences as opportunities to be respected and cherished, and I question everything deeply. As an outgoing introvert (INTJ), I love and care about:

exploring to learn something new…

connecting to know I am not alone…

giving and sharing to make this world a better place…

traveling to learn how others live and to feel, see, smell, touch, and hear…

immersing myself in nature to know that I am not the center of anything…

admiring art and the artist to think beyond the familiar…

seeking what is true, meaningful, ethical, beautiful, and worth a second look…

using my creativity and imagination to create, reuse, recycle, redo, remake, re-purpose, rethink, and reduce…

spending time alone to know myself…

standing up for those who need it in whatever manner that means…

living vegan because animals deserve better, and because it’s the best way to reduce carbon emissions that if not curtailed, will end all life on this planet.

Take a look around and enjoy!


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