Inspiring authentic transformation in people for a kinder, healthier world.

meet Vilma

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I knew my passion was to write after composing my Book of Short Stories in elementary school and receiving accolades of praise from my teacher.  I relished in the creativity involved in the process. However, as a young adult, I did not have the courage to follow my dream.

Years later, somewhere along the way, I reconnected with my passion, reclaimed my voice, and found my unique beat. My hope is that we all do. 


I believe we are on this planet to live creatively, experience life in full freedom, and serve each other. My work is all about inspiring authentic transformation in people to create a kinder, healthier world.   Vilma Reynoso, Creative Wellness Coach

My Work in the World

Writer | Editor | Vegan Lifestyle Educator

Passionate about writing and the vegan lifestyle, I support the success of vegan and plant-based companies and entrepreneurs by helping them with their writing and editing needs at i Write Vegan.  I create content that makes meaningful connections to unite customers with my clients’ products, services or goals. I feel my beat when I write, and that works well to celebrate and inspire a vegan world for the animals, for all people, and for our only, precious planet.


On this website you will find my main, diverse blog. I write it as an avenue of expression, curiosity, and freedom. Take a peek, and you will find articles on the human experience and many other topics. As an avid reader of many subjects, I also write a monthly book review of both fiction and nonfiction books I found inspiring, educational, or life-changing.

My vegan blog VEGoutwithVilms exists to encourage and teach others how to eat healthy, whole and nourishing vegan and raw vegan cuisine. I share my recipes – some are from childhood that I have recreated into vegan deliciousness. My e-book, Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms: 35 Easy, Nutritious and Delicious Recipes for Ultimate Health and Vitality, demonstrates how to make changes in your life to improve your health.

What I learned Along the Way

As a lover of learning and the written word, I hold a B.A. in English Writing from the University of Colorado and several certifications: Dream Builder Transformational Life Coach – Life Mastery Institute, 2013; Plant-Based Nutrition, eCornell University, 2011; Living on Live Food Level One from Alissa Cohen, 2011; Internet Marketing Specialist, VAClassroom, 2010; and I also hold a Travel Industry Certification from American Airlines Travel Academy that I obtained in 1987. I believe, however, that the learning laboratory is life.

I taught writing and general subjects as an elementary school teacher, but most of my career has been in consulting, organizing, and administrative work, where I had opportunities to write and edit on many levels.  I now bring my writing and business expertise to the world as a creative freelancer and educator.

What I Love About Life

I view the myriad of life’s experiences as opportunities to be respected and cherished, and I question everything deeply.  I love eating plant-based food, writing at coffee shops, hiking in the mountains, running, dancing, having profound conversations with friends, reading, listening to music, and admiring art. I’m a crafter, gardener and woodworker.  As a lover of nature, I am easily mesmerized by the ocean or the mountains and am lucky that I have had many opportunities to visit both. Well traveled, I am a person who knows that all people desire two things: to love and to find their creative expression to share with the world. And lastly, I adore my cozy home in Colorado where I live with a remarkable partner, an extremely creative teenager, and several comical animals.

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