Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms: 35, Easy, Nutritious and Delicious Recipes for Ultimate Health and Vitality

Feeling tired and lethargic? You are not alone.

You might be suffering with an illness or just not feeling well and not sure what to do about it. You’ve heard that fruit and vegetables are the key to a healthier lifestyle but can’t stomach eating those…well, not-so-tasty-greens.

Guess what? A green smoothie made with the right amount of veggies and fruit will not taste green-ish. Yes, you read that correctly, IT WILL NOT TASTE GREEN. Now, that is great news!

Vegan green smoothies are all natural blended concoctions of raw fruits and vegetables. They are cleansing and nourishing, life-giving food that is easy to consume, absolutely delicious, and will enhance your life and significantly improve your health.

Discover how a green smoothie in lieu of donuts or eggs for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, a sugary snack or even a steak for dinner will bring about an undeniable, healthy change in you!

Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms: 35 Easy, Nutritious and Delicious Recipes for Ultimate Health and Vitality is a short, concise and informational e-book outlining the health benefits of vegan green smoothies. If you are curious about green smoothies, new to veganism, or looking to improve your health or eating habits, these easy recipes will entice your palate.


  • More Energy. A green smoothie a day fills your body with needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  • Weight Loss. Because of the low-calorie and high nutrient value, green smoothies will actually cause you to lose weight.
  • Disease Elimination. As nutritious healing concoctions, green smoothies are a cure for unhealthy eating habits.
  • Disease Prevention. As nutritional powerhouses, green smoothies help to keep illnesses at bay.


  • Inexpensive to create. There are many combinations of green smoothies. All you need are a few healthy and organic ingredients, and you are on your way.
  • Quick and easy to prepare:  Green smoothies take about 5-7 minutes to create.
  • Easy clean up. The blender, cutting board and knife are cleaned in no time.
  • Delicious. Vegan green smoothies are very tasty, and even though leafy greens are a significant part of any green smoothie, the beauty is you only taste the fruit.


Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms: 35 Easy, Nutritious and Delicious Recipes for Ultimate Health and Vitality is available in the following formats for only $2.99!

E-book 'Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms: 35 Easy, Nutritious and Delicious Recipes for Ultimate Health and Vitality'. Learn how to make awesome vegan green smoothies!

What people are saying about this book… 

“The food we eat or drink can make or break us. When we open these pages, we will hear the shouting on every page, “It’s time to take action! It’s time, in short, for a smoothie fight.” Vilma’s book helps us make delicious, healthy and creative choices of smoothies. It’s a reminder that “eating local,” like “eating organic,” is a worthy goal. These exciting smoothies will help to keep you looking and feeling your best.” – Harlan James Wheeler, Jr.

“This book is great for one who wants to get healthier by incorporating green smoothies into their lives! It is an easy step by step guide for how to do it! A wonderful book for creating better health!” – J. Hoke

“I think Vilma has done a superb job of assembling together some delicious smoothie recipes in her e-book, Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms: 35 Easy, Nutritious and Delicious Recipes for Ultimate Health and Vitality. I have tried a good deal of them and feel confident in calling her the new “Smoothie Queen!”

I appreciate the thoroughness of this work, too. The reader is presented with a bunch of recipes, nutritional information, equipment, recommendations, and general tips for making smoothies are also provided. It also helps that the e-book is encouraging its readers to put good foods into their bodies, which goes a long way in creating a healthy populace and a healthy planet. Thank you, Vilma, for creating this e-book!” – P. Roth

Improve your health, create good eating habits, and remove that lethargy the healthy way with all-vegan green smoothies!

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