“Change your perspective, and the most ordinary things take on expressible beauty.”  – Karen Maezen Miller

Absolutely one of the best books I have ever read on the simplicity and beauty of all of life is Karen Maezen Miller’s, Hand Wash Cold: care instructions for an ordinary life. She uses the metaphor of tending to the laundry, the kitchen, and the yard as explanations of how we can successfully maneuver through the idiosyncrasies, pain, and albeit joy in life, every day and every moment! Household chores and caregiving tasks become opportunities for self-examination, lessons in relationships, and liberating moments of selflessness. Miller’s brilliant piece of prose explains how attending to daily tasks with awareness and a loving, open heart, will lead us to fall in love with our lives!

A bit about the author:

Karen Maezen Miller is a Zen Buddhist priest and sensai, a wife, a mother, and an expert “laundress.” She is also the author of the book, Momma Zen. She teaches at Hazy Moon Zen in Los Angeles and at workshops and retreats around the country.

To learn more about Karen Maezen Miller, visit her website at:KarenMaezenMiller.com.

To buy and read this fabulous book, visit: http://www.karenmaezenmiller.com/books/

Posted by:Vilma Reynoso

Vilma Reynoso is a freelance writer, copywriter, lifestyle blogger, and gardening aficionado who writes about the human experience, self-growth, living creatively, great books, and veganism. She is the author of Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms: 35 Easy, Nutritious and Delicious Recipes for Ultimate Health and Vitality. Her mission is to inspire your best life for a kinder, compassionate world. To learn more about Vilma, visit her websites: www.vilmareynoso.com and www.veganspiritworldwide.com.

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