The Art of Writing: Four Principles for Great Writing That Everyone Needs to Know by Peter Yang, a Review

For the writer, there is no better way to spend a couple of hours than to read about how to write better, right? How about picking up The Art of Writing: Four Principles for Great Writing That Everyone Needs to Know by Peter Yang?

A short, quick read summarizing the basic elements of good writing, Yang’s book is a plethora of information for any aspiring or experienced writer. Peter Yang talks about four basic principles: economy, transparency, variety, and harmony. He breaks down each of these precepts in detail to explain what he deems an artistic writer. Peter concludes The Art of Writing with a section on practical advice: the importance of reading to write better, planning your writing sessions, writing every day, taking breaks, and more.

Peter Yang believes writers who express their ideas from their point of view, write clearly, and do not compromise their authentic voice and truth is what makes the difference between average writers and best-selling authors. Furthermore, artistic writers are meticulous, know and write for their audience, are sincere and do not lie to their readers, are not obsessed with perfection, and know when to break some of the rules. Artistic writers are humble and always learning. This kind of writing draws in the reader and stimulates him to contemplate what he reads.  

I was grateful to stumble upon this book. Although I have a writing degree and have written for years, I welcome a refresher on how to write concisely, coherently, cohesively, and artistically. Peter’s book is now on my bookshelf as a powerful guide on writing.  

I recommend The Art of Writing: Four Principles for Great Writing That Everyone Needs to Know to writers seeking to improve their craft, those aspiring to write their first book, or those looking for inspiration on the writing process. For students in college, this is a great book to carry in your backpack as a reference. You won’t be disappointed!

A bit about the author, Peter Yang:

Peter Yang is an international bestselling author of several books in the writing field, an award-winning Canadian writer, a public speaker, and an eternal student. Peter’s journalistic efforts have also appeared in many different papers and other news outlets across Ontario and beyond.

In addition to his literary career, Yang is an experienced entrepreneur with a track record of helping early-stage companies. He is the founder and CEO of Reviewerly, a tech startup focused on gathering customer reviews for online brands.

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Let’s Roll

Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentine Border

I thought today would be an appropriate day to start blogging at the end of a breathtaking Earth Day in my part of this world. I am in love with nature. I am responsible, as a living, breathing, conscious human being to take care of what is bestowed upon me. This is a photograph taken on the Argentina and Brasil border at Iguazu Falls in 1998 on a visit to my home country of Argentina. No words could adequately describe what I felt watching and listening to those majestic waters. It is moments like these that don’t only take our breathe away but spur us to ask the question, “What am I doing here?”

I am in the process of revamping my website and will be offering more of myself and the gifts that have been given to me to share with as many interested individuals on this planet. For now, I have begun this blog. My hope is that you are encouraged, inspired and moved to think differently about the world around you and about who you are relative to it.

Recently, I have begun a raw food journey, which, frankly, sometimes has left me speechless! I expected to feel healthier, to look healthier, to savor an abundance of nature’s food, and to love it.  Not only am I experiencing that, but I am also finding that the raw food life is an abundant spiritual life as well. I feel a turn around in myself, once again. It is another life journey that I am now embarking on, and am choosing to love every moment of it!

Stay tuned for many more blogs. I am just now getting started.

Let’s roll…

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