“Vision without action is hallucination. Action without vision is neurosis.” – Michael Mackintosh

How many times in your life do you have a goal and want to succeed, but somehow your plans never come to fruition? Or, how many times do you get frustrated and just give up?

According to Michael Mackintosh in Get it Done: The 21-Day Mind Hack System to Double Your Productivity and Finish What You Start, not taking action to accomplish a desire, dream, or goal is hallucination. And taking action without having a compass, a map, a plan, or a vision is neurosis. Want to stop being neurotic and hallucinating? Read this book!

There are a countless number of books that teach how to make your dreams come true, achieve success, or get motivated. What makes Get it Done a must-read is that it is a no-nonsense book that gives you a simple plan on how to take committed action to reach your goals.

Don’t we all want to do great things? Of course, we do! But, in order to do amazing things, we have to take action. Michael Mackintosh’s book shows you how to overcome fear, change self-sabotaging thoughts, how to take action without hesitation, and how to relish in your success by rewarding yourself once your goal is accomplished.   

We all experience resistance when we are attempting something outside of our comfort zone. That is human nature. Michael Macintosh explains how to overcome this battle. His book is separated into three sections. In the first part, he summarizes what he calls “mind hacks” – a change of mindset that is necessary for success.

“Resistance cannot be touched, seen, heard, or smelled. But, it can be felt. We experience it as an energy field radiating from a work-in potential. It’s a repelling force. It’s negative. Its aim is to shove us away, distract us, prevent us from doing our work.” – Steven Pressfield

The second part of his book breaks down his 21-day challenge – creating a milestone that is part of your ultimate goal and getting it done in twenty-one days (or three weeks) without fail. Michael explains how important it is to be accountable to a trusted person, and how being accountable changed his life dramatically. Part three is a recap and template to use for your personal 21-day challenge.

Ready to achieve your goals and stop making excuses? I highly recommend Get it Done: The 21-Day Mind Hack System to Double Your Productivity and Finish What You Start by Michael Macintosh to creative entrepreneurs who want to make a difference.  Although I have read many books on productivity, this one hit home because it outlines a good plan while acknowledging and handling the resistance that comes every time I need to do something that feels frightening. I recommend this book to anyone who might feel stuck and afraid to take action toward their dreams. You are worth it!

A bit about the author, Michael Mackintosh:

Michael Mackintosh in a blue shirt, smiling, with the sea in the background

Michael Mackintosh is a mentor, spiritual teacher, coach, entrepreneur, cosmic traveler, and an international best-selling author of several books. He is also co-founder of multiple successful companies including Superhero Training, Ombar Chocolate, Awakened Academy, and Liberated Life Productions.

His work focuses on helping evolutionary leaders to re-awaken their visions, unlock their genius, and systematically transform ideas into tangible income without stress or confusion. He teaches people how to double their productivity, achieve their life’s mission, and have more fun. His desire is to teach others how to master being alive. He even has a course called, Softly Powerful: The Introvert’s Guide to Success in an Extrovert World, for entrepreneurs who are introverted (like me).

Michael lives in Sedona, Arizona, and Kauai, Hawaii, with his wife Arielle.

To learn more about Michael Mackintosh, visit his website: Michael Mackintosh.com.

To purchase a copy of Get it Done: The 21-Day Mind Hack System to Double Your Productivity and Finish What You Start by Michael Mackintosh, visit Amazon.

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Posted by:Vilma Reynoso

Vilma Reynoso, aka Vilms, is a writer, gardening aficionado, and whole-food enthusiast who writes about the human experience, human rights, self-growth, and various subjects. Her passion is to inspire others to live their best lives for a kinder, more compassionate world. To learn more about Vilma, visit her website, www.vilmareynoso.com.

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