why creativity

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein

As a brilliant physicist, Albert Einstein was also a master creator. Why? Because he knew that before anything becomes physical matter, it must first be imagined. He also knew that once imagination takes place, creativity with action is required for what we are imagining to manifest in this realm. However, even though Einstein, one of the most inspiring human beings that ever lived and one of my favorite expansive minds of all time was very creative, this writing is not necessarily about physics or the building blocks of the universe. It is about sharing and inspiring creative expression worldwide.


Like Einstein, we are all creators who act on what we imagine. You might be a person who thinks you are not creative, but you truly are. Every day, you make decisions that require the use of your inherent, abundantly supplied creativity. Deciding to shower a certain way as opposed to another is being creative; decorating your bedroom is using your creative mind; designing a spreadsheet, delivering a speech, sewing a dress, knitting a scarf, building a skyscraper, re-arranging your pantry, cooking, using a programming language, making jewelry, writing music, designing the underground structure of an emerging neighborhood, organizing the applications on your cell phone, and blogging is being creative. And, the list goes on. Every time you imagine and then take action, you are creating.

Humans thrive when we create. More importantly, we need to create. Honing in on our creativity is what makes our minds active, our hearts come alive, and our lives complete and satisfying. It is how we live authentically. It is how we flourish. It is how we stop the craziness. By using our imagination, and then our creativity, we express ourselves and feel a bond with each other as we share our uniqueness through our specific endeavors. We enjoy seeing, touching, hearing, tasting, and experiencing what others have created, whether beautiful art, music, a tasty meal, or a new software application. We are each creative in our own, special manner.

Without imagination and creative expression, New York City and its sky-scrapers would not exist, I would never have tasted ginger-carmel, vegan ice cream, none of us would own a pair of flip flops, my cat would not have his own bed (The one he never sleeps in!), and the computer I am using to write would not exist.  You get the picture. Imagination and creativity are married – if nourished with love and compassion, are a match made in heaven that will positively change the essence of the planet.

Let’s imagine. Let’s create. Let’s make this world a more compassionate, beautiful place.