Reflections on Mom and Mother’s Day

It is an atypical, gloomy Mother’s Day in my part of the world today, but my spirit is feeling content and peaceful. I am a mother; I have a precious child that I have been given to help walk through life to the best of my ability. However, today, like any other Mother’s Day, I … Continue reading Reflections on Mom and Mother’s Day

26.2 Happens

Today was the day I was supposed to have finished my first marathon – 26.2 miles – and I couldn’t help but reflect on that fact on this beautiful Sunday in May. It seems, this was not the year for me to do this. Part of me is very competitive (with myself) and I could … Continue reading 26.2 Happens

Let’s Roll

I thought today would be an appropriate day to start blogging at the end of a breathtaking Earth Day in my part of this world. I am in love with nature. I am responsible, as a living, breathing, conscious human being to take care of what is bestowed upon me. This is a photograph taken … Continue reading Let’s Roll